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A link has been sent. Done Overweight? Instagram Might Delete Your Bikini Selfies By Liz Dwyer | Takepart.com 3 hours ago Done Thu, 17 Jul 2014 13:06:39 PDT Back in May Instagram gave Rihanna the boot for posting topless photos, but selfies of women in bikinis or clad in lingerie are a staple on the photo-sharing platform. Samm Newman, a 19-year-old college student from Ohio, was one of the many who happily shared photos of herself in a bra and underwear. But last weekend she was notified that her account had been suspended for violating Instagram’s community guidelines. Now instagram likes Newman alleges that the site took action because shes overweight. “Fat is not a bad word,” Newman, who is a size 24, told NBC4i . “How confident can you be if you keep censoring yourself because people don’t want to look at you? The teen, who was bullied and body-shamed throughout high school because of her size, had recently connected with a supportive community on the photo-sharing site. The women regularly tagged photos with hashtags like #bodylove and #pizzasister4lyfe. “My Instagram, it was my safe place because when I was there, I could share anything,” said Newman.

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Kim Kardashian Ditches Her Top While Showing Off Her Bottom – Yahoo News

Please enter a valid phone number. Please enter your Phone Number. Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Kim Kardashian Ditches Her Top While Showing Off Her Bottom 7 hours ago . Kim Kardashian Ditches Her Top While Showing Off Her Bottom Kim Kardashian has really been putting a lot of work into her Instagram latelyto prove that although she may be a married mom now, she certainly still has her sizzle. She uploaded two pictures Thursday of her sunbathing in a very teeny yellow bikini, including one where she goes topless. No complaints from us.

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Plus Size Teen Claims Size Discrimination By Instagram – Wsfa.com: News Weather And Sports For Montgomery, Al.

A plus-sized teen said her Instagram account was unfairly closed because of a body positivity post. (Source: WCMH/CNN)

She was bullied through junior high and high school, and she harmed herself to cope. There were times when I at lunch in the bathroom, Newman said. Then, she found a new source of support online, and began taking part in a body positivity movement on Instagram. A group of women used hashtags like body positivity and pizza sisters 4 lyfe, and posted pictures and compliments. It was my safe place, because when I went there, I could share anything, Newman said. But did she share too much? Over the weekend, [link] Newmans account was removed. Instagram said she violated their community guidelines under their what not to do headline. They warn against sharing photos that show nudity or mature content.

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Pitbull: Rapper’s Empire Grows as Companies Woo Latino Consumers – Businessweek

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Alcohol: A partner in Voli, billed as the first low-calorie vodka. Flavors include Raspberry Cocoa and Espresso Vanilla. Fragrances: Launches men’s and women’s scents in 2013. Cologne has notes of “warm spices of cardamom and sage.”

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Youve danced to a Pitbull song at a wedding or seen him in a commercial. Hes sold more than 5 million albums worldwide in an era when people hardly buy albums, and his YouTube videos have exceeded 5 billion views. Hes had nine top 10 singles internationally, including No. 1 hits such as 2011s Give Me Everything, featuring the R&B artist Ne-Yo. Hes sold out numerous world tours and is teaming up in the fall with Enrique Iglesias. Hes an endorsement machine, chalking up deals with Dodge, Bud Light ( BUD ), and Kodak ( KODK ). Like many hip-hop stars, he owns a vodka brand. His is called Voliits low-calorie. His songs are contagious, the kind of poppy club tunes that DJs play to get everyone on the floor. On his own, hes OK, but Pitbulls real success comes from collaborations with other artistssong co-headliners include Usher, Chris Brown, T-Pain, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, and Pharrell Williams, among others.

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5 Tips For Making Family Trips With Teens More Fun – Yahoo News

Ultimate Betrayal: Brody Jenner Skipped Kim Kardashian’s Wedding but Attended Her Ex’s – Yahoo News

Some families plan trips by letting each person pick one place for the group to visit, alternating adult choices with kid picks, and limiting museums to an hour if kids don’t want to be there. Sure, you want to see the “Mona Lisa” in Paris, but you needn’t spend all day at the Louvre. Another museum strategy: Let teens sit somewhere playing with their phones while you power walk through a gallery or two. Here’s the good news: Now that my kids are older 16 and 21 they think art is cool. What’s more awesome than putting a selfie with “The Scream” on Instagram? And even if you can’t get teens psyched about museums, they might love street art. Many cities have neighborhoods where graffiti illegal or sanctioned is a tourist attraction, like Wynwood, Miami, or Bushwick, Brooklyn. Look for walking tours; your guide might even be a cool 20-something who’ll impress the heck out of your kids. BRING A FRIEND Friends can make trips more fun and give parents time to relax while kids hang with their buddies.

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Lovecraft existence and has discovered too many of the universe’s darkest secrets and every waking hour it’s a burden for her to just keep her sanity intact. Hopefully putting this random girl on blast has restored at least a little bit of balance to Selena Gomez’s presumably terrifying world. [ Us Weekly ] View gallery . Speaking of terrifying worlds, Angie Harmon has been terrorized by a shrieking transient woman every Thursday! (Please keep your mean Kaley Cuoco jokes to yourselves, readers.) According to TMZ, this woman has been claiming to be Harmon’s landlord and has been showing up at her gate and “yelling, demanding entry and rent money.” To be honest, Angie Harmon did not appreciate this one bit, and especially not the time the transient woman actually entered the yard. So cops were called and a protective order has been issued. But the eagle-eyed reporters at TMZ note that the protective order applies only to Harmon, her kids, her nanny, and her unspecified roommate, but does not apply to Harmon’s husband Jason Sehorn, whose name is never mentioned in the request. Have they broken up? Or is Jason Sehorn RARIN’ http://www.ghape.org for a street fight with a transient woman? Speculate away!

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Family devastated over fake Instagram account using deceased… | http://www.ktvu.com

Her death was followed by a large, tear-filled candlelight vigil. But on the Instagram account, her friends posted their anger at the person behind the fake account. “Delete this now!” reads one post. Another says “This is disgraceful and Jenna would hate this if she ever saw this. I hate these fake accounts because it’s pretty much like making fun of her” “I guess they were trying to make it like she’s talking,” Serenity Querubin told KTVU. The young student said she knew Jenna. “It’s like she’s still there. But I think it’s really rude for someone to do that. That’s not right,” she said.

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Demetrious Johnson Makes Quick Turn To Defend Belt In Ufc 177 Co-main Event – Yahoo Sports

Commercial Cargo Ship Docks at Space Station Wednesday: Watch It Live – Yahoo News

30 in Sacramento, Calif., just got a little more interesting. Already featuring a bantamweight championship rematch between TJ Dillashaw and Renan Barao, UFC 177 on Tuesday gained another title bout. MMAWeekly.com content partner Yahoo! Sports first reported, and UFC officials later confirmed, that Demetrious Johnson would make a quick return from his June 14 flyweight title defense to put his belt on the line in the UFC 177 co-main event against Chris Cariaso. Johnson (20-2-1) has been untouchable since dropping from bantamweight down to the 125-pound division. He has fought once to a draw in the initial flyweight tournament, but has since won six consecutive bouts, including four title defenses. Johnson only seems to improve every fight out, never looking better than his UFC 174 defense in Vancouver, where he dominated Ali Bagautinov. Most had anticipated Johnsons next defense to be a rematch with John Dodson, but that was before it came to light that Dodson needed knee surgery that would likely more? info… keep him sidelined until sometime in 2015.

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[ Gallery: Orbital Sciences’ Orb-2 Cargo Mission in Photos ] Cygnus has been playing catch-up with the space station ever since liftoff. The spacecraft was about 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) below the space station and trailing the outpost by 168 miles (270 km) as of 6 p.m. EDT (2200 GMT) on Tuesday, Orbital Sciences representatives wrote in a Twitter update . The cylindrical vessel will approach the station from below, stopping when it’s about 33 feet (10 meters) away. Then, NASA astronaut Steve Swanson, the space station’s current commander, and German astronaut Alexander Gerst, a flight engineer with the European Space Agency, will capture Cygnus with the robotic arm attached to the space station. Gerst apparently had been practicing his grappling techniques with the Canadian-made robotic limb, known as Canadarm2. On July 11, the astronaut posted a picture of himself at the controls with the accompanying text: “A big moment in an astro’s life: after 100s of sims, moving the real #ISS robotic arm for the 1st time. Felt great!” Like a Cobra in front of its prey.

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How A Stay-At-Home Mom Found A Way To Make Money On Instagram – Business – Sturgis Journal – Sturgis, MI – Sturgis, MI


Search is such a great conversion tool because people are typically typing in their intent, says Viralheats CEO, Jeff Revoy. Social is not such a great commerce tool because people arent necessarily looking to buy something. But it is where they talk about things that are really relevant to fill out that profile of a customer. Where social beats other platforms is in its ability to generate data thats prospective rather than retrospective. If youve gotten married, moved or had a baby in the last five years, chances are you announced it on Facebook (or Instagram or Pinterest) beforehand. While marketers and the data miners they work with might be able to figure out the same thing in other ways, it comes with a significant creep factor. When I was shopping for an engagement ring last fall, I didnt really want ad for jewelry retailers popping up in every browser window where my girlfriend might see them, and I know the teenage girl who started getting coupons for pregnancy vitamins in the mail from Target didnt want anyone else to find out about her condition. With social data, there are fewer such privacy concerns. This is public data people are putting out there, says Revoy. This is just giving companies better information so they dont use such blunt marketing tactics.

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14, 2014 @ 12:55 pm By Alyson Shontell Posted Jul. 14, 2014 @ 12:55 pm Social News Ali Jardine was a full-time, stay-at-home mom three years ago. Now shes both a full-time mom and a full-time Instagram photographer with more than 500,000 followers. She says she makesmore than I would if I had a steady part-time job on the photo social network through advertising campaigns like Dos Equis and Travel + Leisure. There are a few marketing companies that connect advertisers with high-profile instagrammers like Jardine, such as Niche and Mobile Media Lab. Jardine told Fortunes Akosua Nyantakyi how she was able to turn a hobby into a money-maker. Originallya painter, Jardine found Instagram was a better creative outlet than oils and canvas. “I have all these ideas that I would like to paint, and when it comes to putting them down on a canvas its much more difficult than picking up my phone. Im almost all iPhone, she says. Jardine attributes her large following to posting photos every day.Consistency is really key, she says. She also tries to take photos of silhouettes, so the viewer can imagine being the person in the shot and connect further with Jardines work.

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Chrissy Teigen Fired From Forever 21 For Being Too Fat – Time

‘Instameet’ Loyalty Could Make Instagram A Money Machine For Facebook – Yahoo Finance

I hate you so much. Honestly, you’re the worst” Even supermodels suffer from ridiculous body standards. Chrissy Teigen , one of the cover models for Sports Illustrateds 2014 swimsuit edition , told Du Jour that clothing retailer Forever 21 fired her when she was younger because she was too fat for them. I showed up on set and they asked me if they could take a photo, Teigen told the magazine. And they shoot that photo off to my agency, who then calls me as Im sitting in the make-up chair, and they say, You need to leave right now. They just said that you are fat and you need to get your measurements taken. Luckily the 28-year-old model, who is known for her off-the-cuff humor on Twitter and Instagram, keeps a healthy outlook on the situation years later. I hate you, Forever 21, the model told Du Jour. I hate you so much. Honestly, youre the worst.

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Companies such as Nike, Starbucks, as well as organizations such as the NBA and the NFL all have created their own Instagram feeds. So far, Instagram (and Facebook) have not tried to monetize enterprise involvement to a great degree but as The Wall Street Journal noted last September, that could soon change. The trick, the newspaper said, would be to find a way to insert advertising into Instagram that does not drive away those loyal, fanatical users. One way to accomplish that would be to use Instagrams Discover feature or search function. This way, users would exercise some control over when they saw ads and whose ads they would be viewing. Meanwhile, in March Instagram signed a deal with advertising services company Omnicom Group (NYSE: OMC ) worth close to $40 million according to Adweek. The move was designed to begin the process of generating ad revenue through Instagram. To protect its brand and keep users loyal, however, Instagram opted to control the advertising process to a much greater degree than has typically been the case with ad agency contracts, according to Adweek sources. Users currently will come across sponsored posts in their Instagram feed, although it occurs infrequently. Instagrams director of market operations Jim Squires put it succinctly.

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What Parents and Kids Should Know About Selfies – Yahoo News

[Read: How to Talk to a Friend About an Eating Disorder .] What is the Selfie’s Purpose? A selfie is no different from arriving at a job interview looking your best, Rutledge says. The photos intend to present yourself in your best light, and with social media, young people have the power to do so whenever they want. “I see selfies as primarily a form of communication that is more immediate, more authentic,” she says. “We care what other people think of us, and we care about monitoring the social environment, so how we present ourselves matters.” Teenage years involve forming your identity through socializing, and in today’s world, social interactions can occur 24/7 through smartphones. In fact, social media helps many introverted adolescents make connections they may not have otherwise, says David Proost, a psychologist in Dallas who specializes in child and adolescent psychology. “[Adolescents] are much more closely tied to each other than they’ve ever been,” Proost says. “You post [selfies] for people buy instagram followers to see — for the world to see. There is a certain type of empowerment with that, that you can sort of choose what you do and how you present yourself.” Selfies contribute to the online personas teens create for themselves.

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Selena Gomez Slams Fans For Bullying In Instagram Comment – Mtv

Hey, even her character in Spring Breakers was the one that got too scared of the Florida underground and went home. But she was pushed a little too get instagram followers far by a comment on her Instagram. Although the original comment has been deleted along with the users account, it clearly had something to do with cancerand it crossed a line for Selena. The singer took a screenshot of what she wrote to the user, and posted that as a separate Instagram photo. Selena captioned the photo with the following: Honestly, I dont speak up much because its simply *always* taken out of context. But I dont take bullying well. I have seen too much to not say anything. Especially in the realm of her relationship with Justin Bieber , Selenas smallest moves are scrutinized.

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Instagram Direct Isn’t Dead, The Messaging Feature Has 45 Million Users | TechCrunch


Micro-sharing one-on-one or to smaller groups of close friends lets us be ourselves. So Who Is Using Instagram Direct? A few days after Instagram Direct launched I questioned whether it was doomed . None of my friends were using it. It was awkward to have a visual conversation because each photo or video reply started its own thread. And it didnt feel different enough from sharing via Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, or even text. LinkedIn Instagram Direct | Fly orDie But I bet there are two main types of Instagram Direct users that make up its 45 million strong following. Not Us I may have succumb to judging an international products success by my atypical social graph of more mature, hardcore tech users. Many of my friends were on Facebook and Twitter since the early days.

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Visitors On National Tour Recognize Importance Of Albright-knox Works – Gusto – The Buffalo News

Andrew Hawkins: Johnny Manziel is ‘all business’ – CBSSports.com

Each of those visitors could have had a long private audience, if they wanted it, with some of the greatest works of 20th century art and their 19th century precursors. Those works, from Giacomo Ballas boundary-breaking 1912 painting Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash and Matisses transformational La Musique to Clyfford Stills jagged, jaw-dropping abstractions and Andy Warhols 100 Cans, define the art of the 20th century just as the Uffizis collection defines the Renaissance. The international art world has long recognized this, a fact confirmed by the appearance of the Albright-Knoxs works in innumerable art history books, in lectures the world over and in the traceable influence those paintings and sculptures have had on the divergent trajectories of modern art. There are few museums in the world that can re-create the rich and revolutionary stories of modern art with the same depth as the Albright-Knoxs collection makes possible, the wall text for the exhibition reads. We encourage you to find your own narrative! In Denver, a reported 80,000 people filtered through the exhibition, recognizing the rare chance to see some of the most important pieces of modern art ever created. But many Western New Yorkers dont yet seem to recognize the cultural treasures that reside in the gallerys collection on a scale commensurate with their beauty, their prominent position in the pantheon of human creativity or their force in shaping the way our world looks and feels today. This is natural, to an extent. It will take a few more centuries before the visionary partnership between Albright-Knox benefactor Seymour H.

Original article here: http://www.buffalonews.com/columns/colin-dabkowski/visitors-on-national-tour-recognize-importance-of-albright-knox-works-20140712

Here’s Proof that the Beautiful Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara are Actually Dating – Sofia Vergara – Zimbio

. While the news that gorgeous Joe Manganiello is dating the equally ravishing Sofia Vergara might just seem too good to be true, there’s now definitive proof of this hot hookup. And, of course, like any good Hollywood story, proof came in the form of a good ‘ol Instagram snapshot. You just can’t keep a good couple off of social media no matter how famous. While celebrating her 42nd birthday this week, Vergara had her very special new friend at her side and we know this thanks to the actress’ niece Claudia Vergara. She so graciously uploaded the group dinner snapshot, thus validating what was before only Internet folklore. And without further adieu, PROOF of Hollywood’s hottest new hookup: Notice her smile and especially the way his hand is carefully wrapped around the birthday girl. You can’t fake that kind of chemistry surely 9 out of 10 body language experts would agree.

Original article here: http://www.zimbio.com/Sofia+Vergara/articles/sYaG09Jw9rj/Proof+Beautiful+Joe+Manganiello+Sofia+Vergara

“Vegas baby” would suffice. ” Inflatable swan ” even. But “all business”? It wouldn’t be the top choice for most folks, though it was for Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins during a recent Sirius XM interview ( via NFL.com ). “Johnny’s all business, man,” Hawkins said. “I can’t speak for all the other stuff because all I know is the Johnny I see in his playbook all day and trying to learn the plays and pick up an NFL offense, which is extremely hard for anybody, much less a guy who left college early. He worked his butt off, and I think that is all you can ask of him.” This actually fits with Manziel’s own claim he spends hours poring over the Cleveland playbook. And it fits with everything you hear about him, when he’s not having his picture splashed all over Instagram during a holiday weekend. Manziel loves the game of football and works hard at it. If he’s put in the effort to get ready for his rookie season in advance of training camp, it’ll be obvious in the way he plays on the practice field.

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No Getting Away From It All On The Appalachian Trail – Yahoo News

Sense & Sensitivity: Reader needs break from social media – Olean Times Herald: Lifestyles – Sense & Sensitivity: Reader needs break from social media: Lifestyles

Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done No getting away from it all on the Appalachian Trail By By Barbara Goldberg 35 minutes ago 0 shares . View gallery Hiker Matthew Donnelly, 30, of Milford, Pennsylvania, uses his cell phone on the Appalachian Trail in By Barbara Goldberg HARRIMAN STATE PARK N.Y. (Reuters) – Maybe it was guilt over alarming her parents when she inadvertently dialed 911 from the Appalachian Trail, but Caitlin Belcher wishes she could ditch her cell phone for the rest of the 2,180-mile (3,508-km) hike. “It would really be cool to not have it. I just want to be out in the woods, isolated,” said Belcher, 23, who has called home to Fredericksburg, Virginia, twice weekly since her journey began in April and gets constant texts from her parents, who even call her hiking partner’s phone as well. Hiking the AT, the famous path from Maine to Georgia, once meant cutting off communication with civilization for much of the six months it typically takes to complete the route.

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I like your friend’s approach. Start by taking a day off. Plan a day when you do something fun that you have always enjoyed and can do by yourself. Leave your phone at home so that you cannot get to social media even if you tried. Do the same one day at work. Do not sign on to social media on the job (a good rule generally because you should not be using social media when you should be working). Do work when you should be working. Start making plans to see your friends in person. Use social media to contact them and make an invitation for a face-to-face meeting. Rather than becoming overcome by this creative form of technology, use it to good purpose — for making real connections. Being single does not need to mean being alone.

Original article here: http://www.oleantimesherald.com/lifestyles/article_69538856-076d-11e4-93bc-001a4bcf887a.html

Sofia Vergara Celebrates 42nd Birthday With Joe Manganiello

Tweet Sofia Vergara celebrated her 42nd birthday with friends and family including her reported boyfriend Joe Manganiello in Nobu in Malibu on Thursday, July 10. Vergara’s niece later uploaded a photo from the apparent birthday celebration to Instagram. The snap shows the ” Modern Family ” actress cozying up to the ” True Blood ” star while posing for the group photo. “Bday @sofiavergara @alejandroasen,” the caption read. In the photo, the birthday girl is seen sporting a black tank top and a necklace, while the 37-year-old actor rocks a simple black top. She drapes her arm around Manganiello’s neck as she smiles widely for the camera. A cake topped with three candles is put in front of them. On Thursday, the actress also uploaded a photo on WhoSay, writing, “Gracias Ale for my bday!” “Sofia and Joe were extremely flirty with each other and you couldn’t wipe the smile off Sofia’s face.

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Dominick Cruz Returns, Faces Takeya Mizugaki At Ufc 178 – Yahoo Sports

Nurse Fired Over Instagram Post | Video – ABC News

Done Dominick Cruz Returns, Faces Takeya Mizugaki at UFC 178 5 hours ago View photo Dominick Cruz Returns, Faces Takeya Mizugaki at UFC 178 Former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz is set to make his long-awaited return at UFC 178 against Takeya Mizugaki , UFC officials confirmed on Tuesday evening. The bout is added to the developing pay-per-view card, which is set to take place on Sept. 27 at a yet-to-be-determined venue go!! in Las Vegas. ESPN.com initially reported the bout. Cruz hasn’t fought since 2011, when he defeated Demetrious Johnson at UFC Live 6 in October of that year. Following the bout, Cruz dealt with a number of issues with his knee, needing surgery on two occasions to repair a troubled ACL. A bout with then-interim champion Renan Barao was to be Cruz’s return from the sidelines, but another injury forced him out of the bout and spurred UFC officials to strip him of the title. Barao was named champion at that time.

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Brazil Soccer Star Neymar Announces He Will Not Return The news was announced shortly after Brazil advanced to their first semifinal in 12 years. PR Exec Apologizes for Offensive AIDS Tweet Justine Sacco was fired after a tweet she sent before getting on a plane for Africa. Google Glass Enters the Operating Room Using Google’s wearable device benefits both medical students and doctors. Why Google Revealed It Mostly Employs White Men The Silicon Valley giant’s workforce is 30 percent female, 3 percent Hispanic and 2 percent black. Pregnant Woman Vanishes Near a National Park A manhunt leads investigators to Joshua Tree National Park after Erin Corwin disappeared under “suspicious circumstances.” Roller Coaster Derails at California’s Six Flags Magic Mountain A tree branch that fell across the tracks left passengers dangling 20 feet in the air. Google Founder at Center of Alleged Sex Scandal One of the tech giant’s founders, Sergey Brin, reportedly left his wife and is dating another exec. Teacher Refuses to Give Boss Facebook Access Kimberly Hester says she was punished after posting a private photo on Facebook. Riders Stranded on California Roller Coaster ABC News’ Alex Stone reports from the scene of an amusement park accident caused by tree branch.

Original article here: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/video/nurse-fired-instagram-post-24464137