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Selena Gomez Long Lashes Miami

The comments quickly poured in, with some fans vowing to unfollow her in protest, while buy instagram likes others rushed to her defense. The Come & Get It singer posted a message urging her followers to pray for those families and babies today, seemingly referring to the casualties of Israels ground attack on the volatile Palestinian region of Gaza. But while her intention may have been to encourage peace writing Please always remember whats important in life. Its not any of this. We are here to help, inspire and love. the post seems to have left Selenators divided, with many rushing to attack or defend their idol, turning the comments section into a spirited debate over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Instagram user nicolenourian wrote, Are you serious Selena? posting this goes against all your Jewish fans. I am so insulted and disgusted right now. Lily.Kh kept it short: Unfollowed. Still, many others rushed to her defense, arguing Selena was merely calling for peace, while others simply repeated the hashtag #prayforgaza. Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu ordered land, air and sea attacks on Gaza this week in an effort to destroy underground tunnels that Hamas the Islamic terrorist organization in Gaza has been using to attack Israel.

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Selenas big, bold lashes really stole the show! Lucky for you, we have just the thing for you to get this stars endless lash look. Keep reading for more details! Selena Gomez , 21,looked like she was having an amazing time in her July 17 Instagram video! The star was smiling on her Miami balcony, looking like she is finally shaking off all herrecentrelationshipdrama. Along with looking happy and carefree, the 21-year-old star sported asuper chic look with a cool, graphic striped top and long lashes! Keep reading to get your own Selena-inspired lash look! Selena Gomez LongLashes In Miami Pretty New Instagram Video Its greatto see that Selena is definitely not letting her ex Justin Beiberget her down! Armed with a new tattoo and some newfound freedom, the star seems to be happierand more carefree than we have seen her in a while!

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