A plus-sized teen said her Instagram account was unfairly closed because of a body positivity post. (Source: WCMH/CNN)

She was bullied through junior high and high school, and she harmed herself to cope. There were times when I at lunch in the bathroom, Newman said. Then, she found a new source of support online, and began taking part in a body positivity movement on Instagram. A group of women used hashtags like body positivity and pizza sisters 4 lyfe, and posted pictures and compliments. It was my safe place, because when I went there, I could share anything, Newman said. But did she share too much? Over the weekend, [link] Newmans account was removed. Instagram said she violated their community guidelines under their what not to do headline. They warn against sharing photos that show nudity or mature content.

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Pitbull: Rapper’s Empire Grows as Companies Woo Latino Consumers – Businessweek

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Alcohol: A partner in Voli, billed as the first low-calorie vodka. Flavors include Raspberry Cocoa and Espresso Vanilla. Fragrances: Launches men’s and women’s scents in 2013. Cologne has notes of “warm spices of cardamom and sage.”

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Youve danced to a Pitbull song at a wedding or seen him in a commercial. Hes sold more than 5 million albums worldwide in an era when people hardly buy albums, and his YouTube videos have exceeded 5 billion views. Hes had nine top 10 singles internationally, including No. 1 hits such as 2011s Give Me Everything, featuring the R&B artist Ne-Yo. Hes sold out numerous world tours and is teaming up in the fall with Enrique Iglesias. Hes an endorsement machine, chalking up deals with Dodge, Bud Light ( BUD ), and Kodak ( KODK ). Like many hip-hop stars, he owns a vodka brand. His is called Voliits low-calorie. His songs are contagious, the kind of poppy club tunes that DJs play to get everyone on the floor. On his own, hes OK, but Pitbulls real success comes from collaborations with other artistssong co-headliners include Usher, Chris Brown, T-Pain, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, and Pharrell Williams, among others.

Original article here: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-07-17/pitbull-rappers-empire-grows-as-companies-woo-latino-consumers