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Some families plan trips by letting each person pick one place for the group to visit, alternating adult choices with kid picks, and limiting museums to an hour if kids don’t want to be there. Sure, you want to see the “Mona Lisa” in Paris, but you needn’t spend all day at the Louvre. Another museum strategy: Let teens sit somewhere playing with their phones while you power walk through a gallery or two. Here’s the good news: Now that my kids are older 16 and 21 they think art is cool. What’s more awesome than putting a selfie with “The Scream” on Instagram? And even if you can’t get teens psyched about museums, they might love street art. Many cities have neighborhoods where graffiti illegal or sanctioned is a tourist attraction, like Wynwood, Miami, or Bushwick, Brooklyn. Look for walking tours; your guide might even be a cool 20-something who’ll impress the heck out of your kids. BRING A FRIEND Friends can make trips more fun and give parents time to relax while kids hang with their buddies.

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Lovecraft existence and has discovered too many of the universe’s darkest secrets and every waking hour it’s a burden for her to just keep her sanity intact. Hopefully putting this random girl on blast has restored at least a little bit of balance to Selena Gomez’s presumably terrifying world. [ Us Weekly ] View gallery . Speaking of terrifying worlds, Angie Harmon has been terrorized by a shrieking transient woman every Thursday! (Please keep your mean Kaley Cuoco jokes to yourselves, readers.) According to TMZ, this woman has been claiming to be Harmon’s landlord and has been showing up at her gate and “yelling, demanding entry and rent money.” To be honest, Angie Harmon did not appreciate this one bit, and especially not the time the transient woman actually entered the yard. So cops were called and a protective order has been issued. But the eagle-eyed reporters at TMZ note that the protective order applies only to Harmon, her kids, her nanny, and her unspecified roommate, but does not apply to Harmon’s husband Jason Sehorn, whose name is never mentioned in the request. Have they broken up? Or is Jason Sehorn RARIN’ http://www.ghape.org for a street fight with a transient woman? Speculate away!

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Her death was followed by a large, tear-filled candlelight vigil. But on the Instagram account, her friends posted their anger at the person behind the fake account. “Delete this now!” reads one post. Another says “This is disgraceful and Jenna would hate this if she ever saw this. I hate these fake accounts because it’s pretty much like making fun of her” “I guess they were trying to make it like she’s talking,” Serenity Querubin told KTVU. The young student said she knew Jenna. “It’s like she’s still there. But I think it’s really rude for someone to do that. That’s not right,” she said.

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