Google, Microsoft and Instagram rush to fix Flash flaw that could steal your data

The American Civil Liberties Union has argued that through censorship, Facebook is limiting free debate. Last year, the ACLU posted an article and picture to Facebook considering whether a nude metal statue should be allowed in a park in Kansas. (The ACLU argued yes because of free speech.) Facebook blocked the post and even banned the ACLU from the site for 24 hours. Lee Rowland, a staff attorney at the ACLU buy instagram likes responded : We wont ever (apologies in advance) post gratuitous nudityflesh or metalonline. Anything we post illustrates a broader point about our civil liberties. And sure enough, this particular naked statue did just that by serving as a touchstone for a conversation about community standards and censorship. Thousands of people read the blog and hundreds commented on Facebook, weighing in on the censorship controversy. That is, before Facebook removed the post. The irony here is pretty thick. Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) also came under fire last month for taking down pictures of topless women.

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Raw: Panic in Tel Aviv As Siren Warns of Attack

Please enter a valid phone number. Please enter your Phone Number. Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Tel Aviv Sirens Blare as Rocket Reportedly Intercepted By MEGHAN KENEALLY 13 hours ago 0 shares Raw: Panic in Tel Aviv As Siren Warns of Attack Brazilian fans grieved in the streets after their teams historic loss to Germany Tuesday. Load More A rocket aimed at Tel Aviv was intercepted today as it was headed toward the Israeli capital, Israeli television reported amid escalating tensions in the region. Air raid sirens went off throughout the city, the Associated Press reported. The Israeli military didn’t immediately confirm the report, but an explosion was heard shortly afterward.

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His exploit tool, called “Rosetta Flash” is just a proof of concept, but could allow hackers to steal your cookies and other data using malicious Flash .SWF files. The exploit is well known in the security community, but had been left unfixed until now as nobody had found a way to harness it for evil. So how does this affect you? Many companies like Twitter, Microsoft, Google and Instagram have already patched their sites, but beware of others that may still be vulnerable. Adobe now has a fix, and if you use Chrome or Internet Explorer 10 or 11, your browser should automatically update soon with the latest versions of Flash, (check your version here ). However, if you have a browser like Firefox, you may want to grab the latest Flash version from Adobe directly (watch out for unwanted add-ons with pre-checked boxes). Finally, if you use apps like Tweetdeck or Pandora, you’ll need to update Adobe AIR — that should happen automatically, but the latest version is for Windows, Mac and Android.

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