Kimura U, right, the Ambassador of Cute, makes her way inside the Los Angeles Convention Center during the opening day of the Anime Expo. (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

My job is to go to various countries and introduce the real Harajuku fashion to those countries and have the people in those countries love Japanese fashion, Harajuku fashion, and to bridge the understanding between the two countries, U said through a translator, her big, blue eyes flashing animatedly. Kimura U, right, the ambassador of cute, makes her way inside the Los Angeles Convention Center during the opening day of the Anime Expo. (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times) U began hand-making and selling clothes to make extra money while in a music band, a feat noticed by NHK, Japans national public broadcasting station. The Japanese Foreign Ministry then discovered her growing influence in fashion and selected her as an ambassador of kawaii. U says her original fashion line, KOKOkim, fuses Harajuku fashion with anime fashion in a form of everyday clothing. The Anime Expo hosted the first KOKOkim fashion show outside of Japan this weekend. She wanted to create something not cosplay, but something that people can wear everyday and still relate to the anime culture, Yuko Ishikawa, Us interpreter, said. For expo attendees, heading to the convention center in cosplay each year serves as a welcome break from the everyday.

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Megan Fox Now On Instagram, Posts A Stunning First Selfie With No Makeup, In Bathrobe [Photo]

Shortly after the Facebook announcement, Fox uploaded a first post of an image of a burning fire that said, Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it. She then followed the quote with the stunning makeup-free photo seen below. In just two days, Megan Fox has racked up over 147,000 followers on her Instagram account. The makeup-free first selfie already, as of the time of this posting, hit over 317,000 likes, more than her current follower count. Her second Instagram photo, that includes a photo of herself, is a photo collage sent out on July 4. The photo features Megan in a floral headband with a skyline view of LA. The Instagram account comes as a surprise to many fans since Megan is notoriously private with her family life and photos. Megan rarely shares photos of her children with media, and according to E! News , despite her large number of social media followers, Megan says she truly only has one real friend. Fox says: I dont have a ton of female friendsI have one.

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