Oh You Know, Just A Casual Photo Of Kendall And Kylie Jenner With Half-Naked Men Whose Abs Could Cut Through Steel

This time, however, it is not Kendall Jenner who is the topless one its actually her and Kylie Jenners companions in a new photo on the latters Instagram page. In the pic, Kylie and Kendall can be seen being lifted up by five shirtless models, all of whom have abs and pectoral muscles sharp enough that I would be willing to gamble thats why they cant wear clothes. Too much cutting. Youd just have to keep buying new shirts. Okay, all jokes that would likely be made by an overzealous cougar aside, I am admittedly a little jealous of the sisters in this here photo. After my little trip to the Thunder From Down Under in Las Vegas a couple years ago, I still have the slightly embarrassing fantasy of being carried around my really muscular men, Kesha-style. If you too are intrigued by the idea of being hoisted up by what is essentially a boy band minus the token badass member, then by all means, you should follow these fellows on Instagram. Kylie listed their handles in her caption: model boys, ladies..

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Instagram Is Facebook’s Ticket To China’s Advertising Market – Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) | Seeking Alpha

Investors should not worry too much if Zuckerberg is experimenting with people’s emotions without their consent. Facebook’s secret test of manipulating the newsfeed of 700,000 users proved that the site could induce positive or negative moods in people. Facebook’s experiment is part and parcel of its plan to become a better business. Advertising clients deserve the best data of what ads to push to Facebook users. Facebook is still a Strong Buy . This company has the power to manipulate 1.2 billion people’s moods. Facebook’s pragmatic approach will make it the most attractive advertising provider on desktop and mobile platform. The 100% average scores of short-term and medium-term technical indicators at BarChart support my bullish call for Facebook.

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A Conversation With the Admiral of Rihanna’s Instagram Navy

Do they think it’s cool or do they think you’re crazy? They think buy instagram comments that it is extremely cool and special. Have you ever thought about what you’d say to Rihanna if you got to talk to her? I would thank her for all of her songs and for inspiring me a lot on fashion and for making me wanna follow all my dreams in life with hopes. What do you find most inspiring about her? Her taste in fashion, in my opinion she is the most stylish celebrity ever. What’s your favorite Rihanna song? My favorite song of her is Man Down because the beat is so great and it makes me wanna dance! I see that you let people buy posts on your IG.

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