Kimberly Burgess

Everyone was sitting in their seats, attentive and listening, and I was able to catch an array of emotions, she says. My pictures are probably going to be better quality than what the guests would have gotten on their phones. Jasmine Lee Photography Guests smile and weep and take in the moment during Kimberly Burgess wedding in California. No bride wants to see half her family crouched over their phones and texting during one of the most important moments in her life. I absolutely loved that everybodys eyes were looking forward; there were no iPads or cameras or technology in front of their faces, and no one was looking down or distracted, says newlywed Felice Barash Gebhardt, 29, who had a May picture-perfect wedding. Unplugged weddings remain the minority, yet even those embracing social media are controlling how guests use it. A recent study by Davids Bridal found that 44% of brides are sticklers for digital rules, with 58% believing the bride and groom should post the first picture from their wedding. Astoria bride-to-be Sharon Paculor, 35, for example, wont allow guests to share her weddings location on Foursquare or Facebook. Its a secret location … on an island in Hawaii, at a private residence …

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Instagram removes photo of two men kissing at their wedding | Mail Online

‘I don’t see anything wrong with two people in love – amazing.’ Another person said of the photo removal: ‘Outrageous. Love you two! #love #pride #bestcoupleever’. Outcry: After someone apparently flagged the photo as inappropriate, prompting the site to remove it, supermodel Karen Elson was one of the people to jump to the couple’s defense Double standard: Many pointed out that Instagram has allowed pictures that are far more inappropriate Even supermodel Karen Elson, who has more than 48,000 followers, jumped to the couple’s defense, sharing the photo along with the caption: ‘These 2 people just got married and the photo captured the moment, how can you find an expression of love offensive? #allyouneedislove’. ‘The photo captured the moment, how can you find an expression of love offensive?’ Others pointed out that the site has allowed far more inappropriate pictures. ‘Crazy…especially when there’s a gazillion half naked selfies on here daily!’ commented one person. Instagram has since apologized and restored the original photo, calling the removal a ‘mistake’. ‘When our team processes reports from other members of the Instagram community, we occasionally make a mistake,’ a spokesperson told MailOnline. Unfair: Ms Nelson (pictured in November) wrote to her 48,000 followers: ‘These 2 people just got married and the photo captured the moment, how can you find an expression of love offensive?

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Adam Richman’s new show pulled from Travel Channel in wake of crude Instagram rant – The Washington Post

Maybe realize that you arent being trolled, but that you upset actual human beings, Amber wrote. Richman, via screengrabs from Amber on XOJane , apparently did not take too kindly to that criticism. Maybe youll acknowledge that just because someone is on TV, they are no less worthy of human kindness, respect, forgiveness or patienceGive me a [expletive] break, Richman wrote in part. If anyone acts like a [four letter word] Ill call them one. Its not misogyny, its calling a spade a spade.if my use of the hashtag offended you, it was unintentional & for that Im sorry. It got worse as others jumped in. Richman told one of his Instagram critics to Grab a razor blade and draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you. He told another that the only thing that was [expletive] up was your Dads choice to go without a condom. Amber details more comments in the XOJane essay; none are flattering, to say the least. Soon after, Jezebel noted that Richman tweeted an apology (which has since been deleted): Yes.

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