Mike Krieger.

VPC didnt exist when Instagram was founded in 2010. Today, if other startups build on VPC from the beginning, they can avoid the extras steps that complicated Instagrams migration. VPC also can help if you want to move just part of your infrastructure from the cloud into a private data center. If I was starting a new startup or service from scratch today, Krieger says, I would totally just start on VPC. Once Krieger and his engineers were ready to actually move software and data from place to place, they turned to an increasingly popular tool called Chef . This is a way of writing automated recipes for loading and configuring digital stuff on a vast array of machines. They wrote recipes, for instance, that could automatically load the appropriate software onto machines running in the Amazon VPC. Then they used similar recipes to load much the same software on machines inside the Facebook data center. It built recipes for installing software on each flavor of Instagram database server, another for configuring what are called caching servers, which are used to more quickly serve up particularly popular photos, instagram followers and so on. The last of the software and data arrived in Facebooks data center by the end of April. In the middle of the month, Instagram was plagued by an outage that effected users across the globe, but the company says this was unrelated to the migration.

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Kendall, Kylie Jenner Pose With Shirtless Men On Instagram

Oh You Know, Just A Casual Photo Of Kendall And Kylie Jenner With Half-Naked Men Whose Abs Could Cut Through Steel

This time, however, it is not Kendall Jenner who is the topless one its actually her and Kylie Jenners companions in a new photo on the latters Instagram page. In the pic, Kylie and Kendall can be seen being lifted up by five shirtless models, all of whom have abs and pectoral muscles sharp enough that I would be willing to gamble thats why they cant wear clothes. Too much cutting. Youd just have to keep buying new shirts. Okay, all jokes that would likely be made by an overzealous cougar aside, I am admittedly a little jealous of the sisters in this here photo. After my little trip to the Thunder From Down Under in Las Vegas a couple years ago, I still have the slightly embarrassing fantasy of being carried around my really muscular men, Kesha-style. If you too are intrigued by the idea of being hoisted up by what is essentially a boy band minus the token badass member, then by all means, you should follow these fellows on Instagram. Kylie listed their handles in her caption: model boys, ladies.. model boys @brycethompson8 @kguidroz1 @frankycamm22 @Markfisher__ @Bentleyhudson88 Here are a few of the photos from the shoot that these guys posted: Photo: Bryce Thompson/Instagram Photo: Kenneth Guidroz/Instagram Photo: Franky Cammarata/Instagram Adorable.

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