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And then moved it again. Ariel Zambelich/WIRED Your Instagram photos arent where they used to be. This spring, even as some 200 million people were using Instagram on their smartphones, a small team of engineers moved the photo sharing service from Amazons cloud computing servicewhere it was built in 2010into a data center operated by Facebook, which bought Instagram in 2012. The users are still in the same car they were in at the beginning of the journey, says Instagram founder Mike Krieger, but weve swapped out every single part without them noticing. Facebook calls it the Instagration, and it was an unprecedented undertaking for Mark Zuckerberg and company. Facebook has moved other acquired properties like FriendFeed into its data centers, but typically, they were small projects that involved shutting a service down before moving it into the Facebook universe. The Instagram switch was the live migration of an enormousand enormously popularoperation. The service couldnt take any disruption, says Facebook engineer George Cabrera. Facebook wont say how many virtual machines were needed to run Instagram on Amazon, but it was in the thousands. And the service now stores over 20 billion digitals photos. The users are still in the same car they were in at the beginning of the journey, but weve swapped out every single part without them noticing. For Instagram, the move was a way of more effectively plugging into a wide range of computing tools that have long helped drive Facebooks vast online empire. And for the engineers overseeing Facebooks worldwide network of data centers, its a template for merging their operation with applications the company may acquire in the years to come.

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Kylie Jenner Instagram Bikini: Did Kylie Jenner Alter Her Latest Bikini Pic?

Since the pic-altering fiasco, The New York Daily News reports that Kylie has been slammed for being a poor role model to kids . She has been slopped into a category with Miley Cyrus and Willow Smith following her photo fudge. Of the group of teen role models, Theresa Byrne, 18, of Carroll Gardens explained: Kids dont really look up to them because these stars arent in touch with normal peoples lifestyles. Twitter is the main cause of all the hype. Suburban kids feed into it more than city kids. Susan Kramer, 55, of Brooklyn Heights said: Its more negative role models for my kids. As a culture, I guess we get the social media we deserve. Kylie Jenners Instagram bikini shot was super sexy, and not something that many people would want their pre-teens and teens aspiring to. The fact that Kylie might have edited the photo is even worse, because it suggests that having the perfect body is more important than anything else. Despite the fact that posting such pictures is a call for attention (selfies are no different, however), editing photos to make them look flawless can send a bad message to society.

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Instagram Is Facebook’s Ticket To China’s Advertising Market – Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) | Seeking Alpha

Instagram is growing faster than Facebook, Twitter ( TWTR ), and Pinterest. Chinese users might be one of the reasons why Global Web Index reports 23% global growth rate for Instagram. Source: Global Web Index China has 700 million smartphone users. Even if only 10% of those people use Instagram, Facebook already gets a sizeable number of advertising eyeballs for local Chinese advertisers. Ads on Instagram were already proven to be very effective. This fact makes me believe that Facebook can still earn decent advertising money in China even without its core apps. My Recommendation Investors who are hungry for bigger and faster yields should now prioritize Facebook over Google. Zuckerberg has a great China play with Instagram.

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