PHOTO: A Yes Way, Rosé tie-dyed tote bag.

“Yes way, rose.” Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir are the masterminds behind the trending hashtags #yeswayrose, #summerwater and #rosevibes, which came to them after they realized they were exclusively sipping the rosy stuff after Memorial Day. Soon, the catchy phrases were gracing tote bags, shirts and iPhone sleeves on their own e-commerce site . Wine in a Paint Can: Lithuania’s Drink du Jour “Drink your pinks, eat your greens. #healthe #drinkpink #yeswayrose” commanded one recent Instagram post snapped during dinner hours. Typically made using red grapes, rose juice has very little contact with the skins during the winemaking process, leaving behind trace amounts of color, flavors and tannins. This results in a combination of red wine on the nose and palate, with the freshness and structure of a white wine, say wine experts. In other words, it’s very easy on the palate. Courtesy Yes Way Rose PHOTO: A Yes Way, Rose tie-dyed tote bag.

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Adam Richman’s new show pulled from Travel Channel in wake of crude Instagram rant – The Washington Post

Create a Rockin Bio Included in your bio should be a concise description of what you or your business does. This, combined with your photo content, is how people will decide whether to follow you back or not, so you want your description to be engaging and a strong representation of your business. Dont forget to include a link in your Instagram bio. You can change out the link whenever you choose to promote different aspects of your business, for instance a newsletter sign up or your Facebook fan page. Related Resources from B2C Free Webcast: Native Advertising – What Is It & Why Content Marketers Should Care 2. Create a Hashtag Strategy (that is hyper focused for your niche) You are allowed up to 30 hashtags in the caption of an Instagram post, so take advantage of it. Create a custom hashtag for your business to curate the images you and your customers share. To get more hashtag ideas, go into your explore section (the compass button) and try typing in different keywords to see what yields content that most closely aligns with your brand.

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Instagram Marketing: 6 Ways to Improve your Account

Instagram Marketing: 6 Ways to Improve your Account image SuebZimmermanEnterprise

Maybe youll acknowledge that just because someone is on TV, they are no less worthy of human kindness, respect, forgiveness or patienceGive me a [expletive] break, Richman wrote in part. If anyone acts like a [four letter word] Ill call buy followers instagram them one. Its not misogyny, its calling a spade a spade.if my use of the hashtag offended you, it was unintentional & for that Im sorry. It got worse as others jumped in. Richman told one of his Instagram critics to Grab a razor blade and draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you. He told another that the only thing that was [expletive] up was your Dads choice to go without a condom. Amber details more comments in the XOJane essay; none are flattering, to say the least. Soon after, Jezebel noted that Richman tweeted an apology (which has since been deleted): Yes. Ive responded to internet hate recently with vile words directed at those hating me. I am sorry, I should know better & will do better, he wrote.

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