7 Tips for a Wildly Successful Instagram Video Marketing Campaign

7 Tips for a Wildly Successful Instagram Video Marketing Campaign

‘I don’t see anything wrong with two people in love – amazing.’ Another person said of the photo removal: ‘Outrageous. Love you two! #love #pride #bestcoupleever’. Outcry: After someone apparently flagged the photo as inappropriate, prompting the site to remove it, supermodel Karen Elson was one of the people to jump to the couple’s defense Double standard: Many pointed out that Instagram has allowed pictures that are far more inappropriate Even supermodel Karen Elson, who has more than 48,000 followers, jumped to the couple’s defense, sharing the photo along with the caption: ‘These 2 people just got married and the photo instagram likes captured the moment, how can you find an expression of love offensive? #allyouneedislove’. ‘The photo captured the moment, how can you find an expression of love offensive?’ Others pointed out that the site has allowed far more inappropriate pictures. ‘Crazy…especially when there’s a gazillion half naked selfies on here daily!’ commented one person. Instagram has since apologized and restored the original photo, calling the removal a ‘mistake’. ‘When our team processes reports from other members of the Instagram community, we occasionally make a mistake,’ a spokesperson told MailOnline.

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Forever hold your tweets: Brides are saying ‘I don’t’ to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at their weddings – NY Daily News

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Edit your tags down to the most relevant. Watch out for language fails. Remember the SNL skit in which Sean Connery is playing Jeopardy and misreads therapist as the rapist? When words are smooshed together, they can become difficult to parse the way the writer intended. The promoters of Susan Boyles album probably thought #susanalbumparty conveyed excitement over the albums release. Thats not quite how others read it . #3 Post VideosWorth Watching High-quality videos are important but composition, lighting, and judicious use of filters may not be enough to make your Instagram worth following. Its just as important to think about the content of your videos. Since Instagram caught on as a way for friends to share videoswith each other, the platforms culture is one that presumes theres a personality behind the camera.

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But unplugged couples dont like that one bit. Jasmine Lee Photography Kimberly Burgess in California had an unplugged wedding in May, where she asked her guest to put their phones and cameras away during her ceremony to just stay present in the moment. Enlarge Kimberly Burgess (L) wrote out a list of rules for her guests (R) asking them to put their shiny electronics down. (Many clients) want nothing to do with any kind of social media, anything that has to do with Facebooking, hashtagging, says Manhattan wedding planner Ellen Kostman, founder of Sidekick Events. They are celebrating with the chosen people that theyve invited, and theyre not opening this up to the world. Before cell phones, all weddings were unplugged but now 37% of brides surveyed by wedding website The Knot said they will consider formalizing the no-tech wedlock. They see it at celebrity weddings and people think, I should feel like a celebrity on my wedding day, says Jamie Miles, editor of TheKnot.com. So they feel comfortable asking for things celebrities ask for, because its their special day, too. The key to getting guests to turn off their phones without blowing their tops is to keep them informed about your social-media policy early and often. Put a bulletin on your wedding website, add a line to the invitation and consider having your officiant make an announcement at the beginning of the service. Jasmine Lee Photography Kimberly Burgess, 22, said she just wanted her guest to be present and not distracted by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Kimberly Burgess, 22, who wed in May, painted a chalkboard sign welcoming guests to her unplugged wedding, asking them to please put all electronic devices away. She also added a reminder in her program so she wouldnt have to compete with Twitter for their attention. We wanted our guests to be present with us in this special moment in our lives, and to just put their phones and cameras down and enjoy it, she said.

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