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[photo: @mommasgonecity ] 5. When you think youve got the photo keep snapping. Go beyond say cheeeeeese and get some candid, fresh energy in there. This usually means taking lots of pictures of the same moment.No one needs to know that you took eleventy-eight snaps of your kid learning how to pump his legs on the big kid swings in order to get the greatest shot of him practically scraping the skies with his feet. Its digital; the excess can be deleted. And sometimes the imperfect shots, the shots with kids looking away or doing something you wouldnt ever expect turn out to be the best. [photo: @margejacobson ] 6. Fiddle with the filters and instagram comments tools Even the best capture the one that tells the entire thousand-word story with all the heart-burst emotions at the surface is one that could get a boostfrom some post production help.Maybe you need to brighten up a slightly too-dark pic. You want to blur some extraneous stuff in the background. Or the contrast could do with some enhancing so your brights are brighter and darks darker.

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Kanye West Wants to Redesign Instagram: We Could Clean That Up | E! Online

Kanye West

News Instagram Wall! Twitter Kanye’s comments come on the heels of the news that the 37-year-star spent four days adjusting the photo of Kimye’s first kiss as a married couple. The “Blood on the Leaves” rapper revealed the news while speaking on the Cannes Lions’ International Festival of Creativity’s “Technology, Culture and Consumer Adoption: Learning to Read the Cultural Landscape” panel on Tuesday. “I’ll tell you a little story about the kiss photo that my girl put up,” North West ‘s papa said before admitting that the reason “we worked on the photo so much” was because photographerAnnie Leibovitz”pulled out of the wedding” the day before it took place. However, the groom still wanted his “wedding photos to look like Annie Leibovitz’s photos.'” “We sat there and worked on that photo for four days,” he said. “Because the flowers were off-color and stuff like that.” VIDEO: Kim gets animated in new game “Can you image I’m telling someone who wants to just Instagram a photo, who’s the No. 1 person on Instagram, ‘We need to work on the color of the flower wall,’ or the idea that it’s a Givenchy dress, and it’s not about the name Givenchy, it’s about the talent that isRiccardo Tisciand how important Kim is to the Internet,” he explained. No surprise, the seemingly flawless shot became the most-liked photo on Instagram (it’s currently has 2.3 million likes, but it knocked Justin Bieber out of the top spot way back when it passed the 1.82 million mark). And in Kanye’s eyes, his mission was accomplished.

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