Instagram helps small business sales

Many small businesses are using Instagram and social media to promote their products and increase sales. Tiffany Jones posted this photo of her to the Instagram account of her company, Peridot Sweets Las Vegas.

Rapper Kanye West arrives at a fashion designer shop in Paris.Reuters Kanye West is at it again reports The New York Daily News . During a 2014 Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity event the outspoken rapper claimed he could redesign Instagram, according to The Guardian . “The world as a whole is f—ing ugly,” West opined at the event, held Tuesday. “The Internet as a whole is f—ing ugly, too.” The artist known as Yeezus then mentioned that he had asked Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom if he could work on improving the popular social media app. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT “Why don’t you let us redo Instagram? Now, you know, Instagram is nice. It’s nice looking – I’m not knocking it,” the 37-year-old star said. “But in general, everyone spends all of their time looking at their screens or their phones.

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Tired of not being able to see Instagram pics on Twitter? IFTTT is the perfect solution | memeburn

IFTT Create Recipe

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Setting up two triggers is called a recipe and the variations must number in the millions. For example: Ive set a recipe that when I take an Instagram photo it saves it to a specific folder in Dropbox helps to keep my Instagram pics in one place and I can access them quickly from my computer. So back to our Instagram/Twitter inline image preview problem. Its really simple to create a new recipe on IFTTT which allows you, when youve taken a photo in Instagram, to post it to Twitter through Twitters own image service. This then allows everyone on Twitter who uses Twitters native apps to see your photo inline, instead of having to open Instagram in your browser. Perhaps insignificant, but it makes a difference. Heres how: Lets make a new recipe Next you simply select Instagram as trigger and select Any new photo by you the this trigger in the recipe Once youve done that you can then select Twitter and click on Post a tweet with image the that trigger in the recipe Make sure you click Create recipe and thats it. Next time you share a photo through Instagram it will automatically send it to Twitter as a Tweet with an image through Everyone using Twitter native apps like, Tweetdeck, Twitter for iPhone/Android etc will be able to see it as inline image. Heres a photo I posted through Instagram viewed in Tweetdeck Ned’s got new wheels. V and I approve and lucky (@PluckyLuke) June 22, 2014 Hope you find this useful.

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