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(Credit: Courtney Adamo) But after posting a photo of her daughter Marlow, which shows the little girl innocently revealing her belly and underpants, the photo was pulled and Adamo received another email. Iread the entire page twice and was positive that I had not violated any rules. Unless a babys belly is considered nudity but surely it isnt! She is a BABY! Adamo wrote. Again, I was sure there was a mistake, so I reposted the photo. And by yesterday evening my account was disabled. Adamo added that four years of family photos and memories disappeared overnight, and while hopefully she has copies of her photos, its the comments, well wishes, and direct messages that she misses. She had been locked out of her account since June 20, 2014, with no response or explanation from Instagram, despite her pleas. But, as of today, it seems her account is back online, perhaps thanks to some bad press for Instagram and fans that supported her. However, Adamo writes, Im not sure this is the end of the controversy as I am still receiving warning emails from Instagram to let me know that people are still reporting my images. From the look of Adamos Instagram photos, there isnt anything about a cute family that suggests inappropriateness. But users (or Instagram itself) could be flagging her photos simply because children are involved.

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Lauren Conrad’s Bachelorette Party Was Predictably Instagram-Worthy

Katie Holmes spotted at the Winter WONKA-land Pop-Up in downtown NYC on May 15. Kendall Jenner attended the opening ceremony and “Grace of Monaco” premiere at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 14. Blake Lively attended the opening ceremony and “Grace of Monaco” premiere at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 14. James Franco stopped by NBC Studios for an appearance on “The Today Show” on May 14. Peter Dinklage was enthusiastic at the “X-Men: Days Of Future Past” premiere in Beijing, China on May 13. Cameron Diaz enjoyed a hike with a friend at TreePeople Park in Beverly Hills, California on May 13. Nicole Kidman signed autographs after appearing on Le Grand Journal in Cannes, France on May 13. George Clooney’s fiancee Amal Alamuddin flashed her engagement ring in London on May 13.

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4 ways your home is vulnerable to criminals - and how to secure it

Since it’s been turned into this battle to be won, the trend has emerged of sharing a photo on social media to declare victory. And when said photo gets shared, people write articles pointing out that someone “achieved her weight goal about two years ago and hasn’t slipped since.” Imagine losing weight, feeling great about yourself, and sharing a photo of your happiness–only to have someone remark that you haven’t “slipped” yet. It’s so undermining. In these photos, clearly taken at moments of contentment, Jessica, Jennifer, and other women shouldn’t have to question if they have the “right” to share them or whether or not one “should” pose proudly in a bathing suit. Kim shouldn’t have to call her photo a “big middle finger” to body-shamers. In Pantene’s new campaign, “Sorry, Not Sorry,” they urge women to stop apologizing for seemingly innocuous things, saying it’s a crutch which displaces our power. The post-baby Instagram bathing suit trend is a perfect example. If you want to post one, post away. But own it in the caption, too… heck, flaunt it.

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