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The photo of Courtney Adamos daughter, Marlow, that caused her Instagram accounts suspension. (Credit: Courtney Adamo) But after posting a photo of her daughter Marlow, which shows the little girl innocently revealing her belly and underpants, the photo was pulled and Adamo received another email. Iread the entire page twice and was positive that I had not violated any rules. Unless a babys belly is considered nudity but surely it isnt! She is a BABY! Adamo wrote. Again, I was sure there was a mistake, so I reposted the photo. And by yesterday evening my account was disabled. Adamo added that four years of family photos and memories disappeared overnight, and while hopefully she has copies of her photos, its the comments, well wishes, and direct messages that she misses. She had been locked out of her account since June 20, 2014, with no response or explanation from Instagram, despite her pleas. But, as of today, it seems her account is back online, perhaps thanks to some bad press for Instagram and fans that supported her. However, Adamo writes, Im not sure this is the end of the controversy as I am still receiving warning emails from Instagram to let me know that people are still reporting my images. From the look of Adamos Instagram photos, there isnt anything about a cute family that suggests inappropriateness.

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In this photo provided by Josey Orr and posted in May 2014 to the Instagram account of his company, Dyer and Jenkins, Orr models some of his

(UOI Boutique) (2) Yumbox is trying a similar strategy. The Doylestown, Penn.-based company makes colorful lunch boxes with portioned sections meant to teach kids balanced eating. It recently paid a well-followed health food blogger to post a photo of a food-filled Yumbox. The post spiked traffic to its website and doubled its Instagram followers to nearly 5,000. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter allow small businesses to pay to promote their posts and gain followers. Instagram, which declined to comment for this story, doesn’t do that yet. On its website, it says it is working on offering advertising to more of its users. Reaching out to customers This undated photo posted in June 2014 to the Instagram account of Brooke Sacco’s company, Behind the Moon shows a Zutano romper and a locally made bibdana.

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Reynolds manages to diss Muslims, homosexuals, and African Americansall in one Instagram post. After Obama was reelected, Reynolds posted a photo of this message on Instagram, Yeah for Obama, he gets to shred this country apart for another four years. Only God can help us now. When one of Reynoldss followers commented on his post and disagreed with him, he went ballistic and posted this hate-filled comment. You believe in murder? You agree with fags? I guess so but I dont agree with murdering an innocent baby which he clearly doesnt mind. Nothin has changed in the last four years. You know it. Your just a democrat who wants that Muslim monkey in office. Im done with you.

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